Shisho – Lightweight Static Analyzer For Several Programming Languages

Shisho is a lightweight static analyzer for developers.

Please see the usage documentation for further information.

Try at Playground

You can try Shisho at our playground.

Try with Docker

You can try shisho in your machine as follows:

echo "func test(v []string) int { return len(v) + 1; }" | docker run -i find "len(:[...])" --lang=go
echo "func test(v []string) int { return len(v) + 1; }" > file.go
docker run -i -v $(PWD):/workspace find "len(:[...])" --lang=go /workspace/file.go

Install with pre-built binaries

When you’d like to run shisho outside docker containers, please follow the instructions below:

Linux / macOS

Run the following command(s):

# Linux
wget -O
chmod +x ./shisho
mv ./shisho /usr/local/bin/shisho

# macOS
wget -O
chmod +x ./shisho
mv ./shisho /usr/local/bin/shisho

Then you’ll see a shisho’s executable in /usr/local/bin.


Download the prebuild binary from releases and put it into your %PATH% directory.

If you’re using Windows Subsystem for Linux, you can install shisho with the above instructions.


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