FindYara v3.3 releases: IDA python plugin to scan binary with Yara rules


Use this IDA python plugin to scan your binary with Yara rules. All the Yara rule matches will be listed with their offset so you can quickly hop to them!

Using FindYara

The plugin can be launched from the menu using Edit->Plugins->FindYara or using the hot-key combination Ctrl-Alt-Y. When launched the FindYara will open a file selection dialogue that allows you to select your Yara rules file. Once the rule file has been selected FindYara will scan the loaded binary for rule matches.

All rule matches are displayed in a selection box that allows you to double click the matches and jump to their location in the binary.

Installing FindYara

Before using the plugin you must install the python Yara module in your IDA environment. The simplest way to do this is to use pip from a shell outside of IDA.
pip install yara-python

Once you have the yara module installed simply copy the latest release of into your IDA plugins directory and you are ready to start Yara scanning!



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