Debian-based Devuan 2.0 release

Devuan is a Debian branch that uses the SysV init software instead of the Debian systemd package. The software that relies on the initialization system systemd has been replaced by other software that has provided equivalent functionality. This can be traced back to 2014 because the choice of initialization system systemd caused controversy, a group of dissatisfied developers to create a Debian branch that does not use systemd Devuan. The most controversial place of systemd is that it goes against Unix philosophy and is too complicated. Devuan provides a variety of initialization systems for users to choose, including SysV init, sinit, openrc, runit, s6, and shepherd.


The project recently released a release stable version of Devuan 2.0 “ASCII”.

This version uses XFCE as the desktop environment by default, and the installer provides many desktop environments including XFCE, KDE, MATE, Cinnamon, and LXQT. Other desktop environments can be installed after the installation is completed. In addition to this, it also offers optional hundreds of CLI and TUI tools to provide “command line productivity” and a minimalized base system that fits into the server.

Expert mode provides options for SysVinit and OpenRC when installing from ISO. The official Devuan 2.0 ASCII RC image supports dozens of ARM boards and SOCs, including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, OrangePi, BananaPi, OLinuXino, Cubieboard, Nokia N900 and several Chromebooks. In addition, this version also supports VirtualBox, QEMU, and Vagrant.


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