CiLocks – Android LockScreen Bypass

CiLocks – Android LockScreen Bypass


  • Brute Pin 4 Digit
  • Brute Pin 6 Digit
  • Brute LockScreen Using Wordlist
  • Bypass LockScreen {Antiguard} Not Support All OS Version
  • Root Android {Supersu} Not Support All OS Version
  • Steal File
  • Reset Data


– Adb {Android SDK}
– Cable Usb
– Android Emulator {NetHunter/Termux} Root
– Or Computer


– Linux
– Windows
– Mac

Tested On

– Kali Linux

How To Run

– git clone
– cd CiLocks
– chmod +x cilocks
– bash cilocks

For Android Emulator

– Install Busybox
– Root

If brute doesn’t work then uncomment this code

`# adb shell input keyevent 26`
if 5x the wrong password will automatically delay 30 seconds

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