8 giờ ago

    Swift-Attack – Unit Tests For Blue Teams To Aid With Building Detections For Some Common macOS Post Exploitation Methods

    Unit tests for blue teams to aid with building detections for some common macOS post…
    23 giờ ago

    Squalr – Squalr Memory Editor – Game Hacking Tool Written In C#

    Squalr Official Website Join us on our Discord Channel Squalr is performant Memory Editing software…
    1 ngày ago

    RdpCacheStitcher – RdpCacheStitcher Is A Tool That Supports Forensic Analysts In Reconstructing Useful Images Out Of RDP Cache Bitmaps

    RdpCacheStitcher is a tool that supports forensic analysts in reconstructing useful images out of RDP…
    2 ngày ago

    NamedPipePTH – Pass The Hash To A Named Pipe For Token Impersonation

    This project is a PoC code to use Pass-the-Hash for authentication on a local Named…
      1 tuần ago

      A2P2V – Automated Attack Path Planning and Validation

      Automated Attack Path Planning and Validation (A2P2V) is a planning and cyber-attack tool that provides the capability for users to…
      1 tuần ago

      defenselessV1 – Just Another Vulnerable Web Application

      Defenseless is a vulnerable web application written in PHP/MySQL. This is the first version of this application. The purpose of…
      1 tuần ago

      Redpill – Assist Reverse Tcp Shells In Post-Exploration Tasks

      Project Description The redpill project aims to assist reverse tcp shells in post-exploration tasks. Often in redteam engagements we need…
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